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The Heat of the Night © 2011 • Designed by

Excerpt - "Nights Over Egypt," by Elissa Gabrielle

"The sexual heat that rests between two forbidden souls can become so intense that a combustion ensues when desires are met." ~Egypt

He’s the kind of man that makes you love your name, just because the words part so sensually from his delicious lips. “King,” that’s his name and it fits him like a hand in glove. You see, he is regal, superior in human form, aesthetically – he has been blessed with more than his fair share.

The blink of an eye seems like an eternity while enveloped in his embrace. Hot, heavy sounds of getting off, his breath came out on an emanation of satisfaction that filled the atmosphere. Constant coos controlled the congo-like tempo equating to the fragile sounds of an inner shame. I’m embarrassed about the way I’ve freaked. Nothing should be this damn good. It is a sin and a divine shame for anything to be this glorious.

An ebony towering inferno, locked in dreads; he is divinity and purgatory all rolled into one masterful man of perfection.

Quite frankly, my goal is to make him wetter than he’s ever been…

"How long can you handle this?” he smiled, flashing a set of grand piano keys in the process. Sweat poured from his chocolate skin like flowing waterfalls. Have mercy, chocolate makes everything better.

“Until one of us cries for mercy,” I replied, smiling, staring at his God-like presence. I must have died and gone to heaven, even though, I’m more than convinced that nothing this delightful could even take place in the house of the Lord.

We enjoyed the luxury of not knowing one another too well, so we had to guess each other’s favorite fragrance; had to take a stab at what each one of us deserved.

Like a string of warm chocolate pieces, his spirit knows the way into my inner sanctum and with the auspicious praise of the righteous, his body gathers in solemn assembly, as his confident heart speaks to my throne alone. The majestic offering of his love carpets the pathway to my virtuous destiny, and it pleases, in every sense of the word.

Living in a fantasy, he became my “baby,” infinitely, and I became his favorite flavor, laced in triple D cups. He is teaching me all the dirty sounds of love.

“This is the best pussy I’ve ever had. You know that, right?”