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Excerpt "Far Away," by LaLaina Knowles

Woke up for the second morning in a row with the same epiphany; tossed around in bed, stared at the ceiling and eventually planted both feet on the ground in an attempt to start a day that seems endless and thought to myself, "I wish I didn't miss you so much".

It originated with a friend request and a simple poke on a popular social media network back in November and for days, I deliberated on whether or not I should accept the request and possibly open up a chapter from my past. As I stared at his profile picture in a surreal state of mind I honestly thought that someone was playing a cruel joke and eventually with hesitation, confirmed his friendship. The reason for this doubt surfaced because a man that I have secretly wanted for over twenty-five years, a man that I never thought I would see again was no longer a figment of my imagination, he was real. Over the years, I have often thought of Rodney; not in a sexual manner simply wondering how life has treated him over the years; those thoughts were often filled with other regrets and unanswered questions; the standard what ifs that most people tend to replay in their heads after feeling that they have missed out on a once in a lifetime opportunity.