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The Heat of the Night © 2011 • Designed by

Excerpt "Lethally Yours" by Niyah Moore

I avoided his hard overindulgent eyes and pointed to the nightstand instead. He placed the money on the nightstand, and adjusted his coat. His eyes traveled up my legs, then stopped at the cleavage that was exposed through the open part of the robe. I untied the robe so he could get a better look.

He licked his lips and shook his head. “Last night… you were something else,” he said positing himself between my legs. “I haven’t had sex that good in a long time. Is it cool to give you a call if I need to see you again?”

“Sure,” I replied, took a puff from the cigarette, and put it out in an ashtray from the nightstand.

He placed his right hand in my robe, squeezed my breasts, and traveled between my thighs. I spread my legs for him and leaned back on the bed extending my hands to grasp the pillow above my head. Fondling and exploring me again, with his eyes closed he made his way to easing his fingers inside of me.

When he opened his eyes, he froze. He wanted to say something, but couldn’t because the fact that I had a nine millimeter with a silencer pointed straight to his head made it hard for him to talk. I scooted back to get his disgusting fingers out of me.

Before he could blink, I pulled the trigger. The bullet went through the center of his big dome. His flesh and membranes splattered everywhere as his body fell to the floor.